About Horizon Travel

What makes us different?

Travel Management Companies are by no means a new concept but there are several aspects to Horizon Travel that we believe set us apart from the competition. We offer everything you would expect from a TMC but also have several unique aspects to our ethos and operational procedures that give us an edge in the market.


Horizon Travel is the end product of a natural progression spanning several years and involving several experts in the field. During the last decade the team who make up the driving force behind Horizon have been working together and utilising their individual skill sets to provide travel solutions for several clients and company’s travel needs. Their attention to detail, professional attitude and ability to consistently save their clients money led to word spreading beyond their client base and over the years the nature of their clientele changed to involve several high profile sportsmen and women as well as more organisations and companies. It soon became clear that the team had unknowingly evolved, their continued dedication to service with no compromise on savings was something noticed and appreciated by all of those they worked with. The only thing missing was a unified banner and direction and this how Horizon Travel was born.


Horizon Travel is made up of a selection of experts within the travel sector. With an average of 20 years experience apiece, our travel experts have an unparalleled dedication to customer service as well as a cutting edge knowledge of travel industry systems and trends. They have cultivated close relationships with suppliers over the years allowing them to get the very best rates for our clients. Once a new contract is negotiated a travel expert is selected who we deem best suited to the specific needs of our new partner. All future dealings will then be coordinated by this travel expert, allowing an opportunity for a working relationship to develop rather than being passed between call centres or different people every time a new request is made. 


At Horizon Travel we like to do things our own way and this often means building things from the ground up. Unlike many other companies we design and develop the technology to manage our clients in house. This allows us a great amount of flexibility to adapt our services towards the specific needs and methods of the client in question. The end result is a precisely tailored solution that syncs up perfectly with the methods and goals of our clients. We have bespoke login levels for individual clients and administrators of larger accounts, affording options to monitor several aspects of their own or their groups bookings as well as several reporting tools and resources.


The business model we employ at Horizon Travel makes use of our low overheads to allow us to offer prospective partners various levels of membership that have very low set up costs and yearly fees. We believe in a different way of operating and also take this one step further with several incentives offered to clients dependant on the amount of business they book through us utilising our own in house reward scheme.